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Last updated: October 2019

1. In relation to these terms

1. The following will detail Find My Rizq Ltd’s terms and conditions. In combination with the documents which they refer back to, they make clear all the terms pertaining to the contract between you and us, whether you are making use of our services as a recruiter or a candidate.

2. It should be noted we may revise such terms at any given time by amending this page and we will surely inform you via email should we implement any modifications.

2. Who is Find My Rizq Ltd

1. Find My Rizq Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 12078640. Find My Rizq Ltd’s trading address is Unit 42144, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US. You can contact us by email at contact@findmyrizq.co.uk.

The latest details on the registered office address on company details can be accessed on Companies House.

3. Find My Rizq Ltd Services and what we do

1. Find My Rizq Ltd is a platform accessible via our website at www.findmyrizq.co.uk, providing a service for applicants seeking employment and recruiters and recruitment professionals, with dedicated focus on employment i.e.: environmental and freedom of religious expression & practice for all cultural and faith groups.

2. Find My Rizq Ltd services enable recruiters to post vacancies up-to-date ranging from full-time, part-time, internships, placement jobs or volunteer roles all of which that are searchable by applicants on our website, therefore allowing them to apply for such positions.

3. Find My Rizq Ltd is solely a facilitator to bring together job seekers and companies or agencies seeking employees, and Find My Rizq Ltd’s involvement by no means goes beyond this capacity.

4. Find My Rizq Ltd do not operate any form of vetting procedure neither do we run background checks consequently we are unable to take responsibility for the accuracy of information that our users supply in relation to themselves.

4. User responsibilities

1. Upon creating an account with Find My Rizq Ltd, you will be prompted to produce a password to secure your account. In order to maximise the security of your account we advise that you do not share your password with anyone. In the event that you believe another individual knows your password, we would advise you to act straight away thus renewing your password. You are liable for all actions performed using your account on Find My Rizq Ltd services.

2. Irrespective as to whether you as a user i.e.: candidate or as a recruiter use our services, we will request certain information about you to be provided, including your full name and email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that whatever information you provide us with is factual and up-to-date. We do not permit you to register an account with us using a fictitious name or any form of false identity.

5. Services

1. Find My Rizq Ltd’s services enable you to upload materials in various forms, including images, video and text, all of which other users can see. It is your sole responsibility that you ensure you have all the necessary rights pertaining to any kind of material that you upload and share with Find My Rizq Ltd or other users of our service. Also, you must comply with the following rules in regards to such material, ensuring it does not contain anything:

        • confidential
        • discriminative, offensive, unlawful, defamatory

2. In terms of your content, you have full ownership rights, however it is upon you to grant Find My Rizq Ltd and users of the platform a limited licence for using, storing and copying that content and to share and make accessible to third parties. The rights you license to Find My Rizq Ltd are detailed in the next section (Licensed rights).

3. Find My Rizq Ltd has the right to disclose your identity to any third party who accurately claims content uploaded or posted by you to our platform constitutes a violation of their privacy or intellectual property rights.

4. Find My Rizq Ltd will not be liable to any third party, concerning content or correctness of any content you or any other user posts.

5. Find My Rizq Ltd have the right to withdraw any posting you make on our platform.

6. The views expressed by other Users on our Service do not represent our views or values.

6. Licensed rights

Whenever you upload or post content to our platform, you grant the following licenses:

    • an eternal, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable license to Find My Rizq Ltd to use, reproduce, share, prepare derivative works or, display, your content in connection with the platform across all media including but not limited to, promotion of the platform; as well as

    • a global, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to all users to use the content for their purposes in connection with the platform that will terminate upon the deletion of your content.

7. Find My Rizq Ltd’s intellectual property rights

1. Find My Rizq Ltd owns all intellectual property rights associated to our service, such as all technologies, branding and trademarks. We grant users a royalty-free and non-sublicensable licence that is subject to amendment and revocable at the discretion of Find My Rizq Ltd.

2. Find My Rizq Ltd has the right to instruct removal of all data associated to our site on all platforms and devices.

3. Find My Rizq Ltd is a sole owner of all intellectual property rights and users may not use our property beyond what is stipulated.

8. Candidate responsibilities

1. Our Service is free for Candidates. Candidates are responsible for ensuring the data provided is accurate, should you wish to change any information or remove your account then you may do so via our website or alternatively you may email us at contact@findmyrizq.co.uk.

2. Upon registering, the following information may be requested and used to match you with job opportunities and will be shared with recruiters:

  • Your full CV

  • Work/relevant experience

  • Skills and qualifications

  • Interest & career goals

  • Location

    Please note additional information may be requested and users have the right to choose to share further.

    3. Users are responsible for judging the compatibility of applicant’s skills and job specifications.

    4. Users must act within the legal framework and must not conduct themselves outside what is permitted by the law.

9. Your particular responsibilities as a Recruiter or Advertiser

1. By registering as a Recruiter, Freelancer or advertiser you confirm that your account is solely being used for business and professional purposes.

2. All jobs posted on our site must be legal in compliance to all regulations i.e.: laws protecting equal opportunities and preventing discrimination. Find My Rizq Ltd hold the right to remove from our service any jobs or advert which you post in breach of these terms.

3. Details of our fees payable in return for our Service can be found here. Our fees quoted are exclusive of VAT, should VAT be payable, we will add it on to our fees.

4. If fees are not charged upfront, payment of invoices are due within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

5. If an invoice remains outstanding for more than 7 days we reserve the right to suspend your account until full settlement is received.

6. Users may terminate their account through our website or by emailing us at contact@findmyrizq.co.uk and your account will be terminated at the end of your then-current subscription period.

7. We do not offer refunds of any payments already received by us.

8. Please note we hold the right to remove your account immediately should we find that it does not comply with this section.

10. Discounts and promotion offers

  1. We may offer discounts or other promotional offers from time to time. We reserve the right to not honour such discount or promotional offer for any reason including but not limited to, fraud or mistake.

  2. We may advertise offers available only to specific users. To see the specifics of such offers, refer to the “Offer Specific Terms & Conditions” page.

  3. The price advertised in our offers reflects the discount applied to one or several of our advertising products. To see the specific pricing of our offers, refer to the “Offer Specific Terms & Conditions” page.

  4. CharityJob reserves the right to remove or modify any offer listed on the “Offer Specific Terms & Conditions” page at any time.

11. Your privacy

  1. 1. Upon processing your personal data, we ensure to do so in compliance with the data protection laws that apply to us in accordance to our Privacy Policy. We urge you read our privacy policy carefully as mentioned within its contents you permit us to process your personal data by using our services.

12. Information

Information found on the Find My Rizq Ltd website is frequently updated and we do our best to ensure that all information is accurate, however we are unable to guarantee that information found our website are 100% accurate.

Please note information is for general use only and therefore should not solely be relied upon.

13. Rights and responsibilities

1. It is our responsibility to operate, maintain and update Find My Rizq Ltd services. Excluding the responsibilities stipulated law we do not assume any further responsibilities.

2. Beyond providing a platform for advertisers, candidates and freelancers, we do not assume responsibility for user outcomes i.e.: job acceptance or performance.

3. Users hold sole responsibility outside contractual agreement between Find My Rizq Ltd and the individual user. We are not responsible for disputes among users, although we do endeavour to assist where possible.

4. Find My Rizq Ltd does not exclude liability stipulated by the English law i.e.: negligence, fraud and misrepresentation.

5. We will not be legally liable to any businesses i.e. in the case of loss or damages, irregardless of its connection to our service whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, even if foreseeable.

Please note that, Find My Rizq Ltd will not be liable for any of the following:

    • loss concerning but not limited to profit, business income, revenue, expected savings, or sales;

    • loss in relation to business opportunities, reputation and goodwill

    • any type or form of loss or damage whether indirect or consequential.

6. In other respects, irrespective of the legal theory pertaining to liability, Find My Rizq Ltd’s entire liability to users in respect to these terms, is restricted to an amount equal to the overall fees users pay in the year preceding/succeeding the event(s) promoting such liability.

7. Please note that Find My Rizq Ltd only provide users services for domestic and private usage. Find My Rizq Ltd are not liable for any form of loss, irrespective if it relates to business, business opportunity, business interruption or profit.

8. Should you engage in any of the following, Find My Rizq Ltd may without further ado

suspend or terminate your account resulting in no refund:

    • breach these terms;

    • should we have enough reason to believe it is necessary to protect our or other users’ interests;

9. should you fall into bankruptcy or insolvency; or

10. should you die or otherwise become unable to fulfil your obligations under these terms.

11. Find My Rizq Ltd will not be liable for any damage or loss as a result of a virus, distributed DOS attack, or some other technologically destructive material which may corrupt your computer software programs, computer equipment, stored data or other proprietary material caused by you using our services or downloading any content existing on it, as well as any website linked to it.

12. Find My Rizq Ltd take no responsibility concerning the content featured on websites linked on our platform. Therefore, it should not be assumed that such websites are endorsed by Find My Rizq Ltd. Find My Rizq Ltd will not be liable regarding any form of damage or loss which may occur as a result of you using them.

14. Resolving disputes

Users disputes can be submitted:

1. via the ADR Group which you may find at www.consumer-dispute.co.uk.

2. The European Commission Online Resolution (ECODR) http://ec.europa.eu/odr

3. Emailing us at contact@findmyrizq.co.uk.

15. Other important terms

The contents of this document contains the whole agreement between us and you in relation to Find My Rizq Ltd services.

There shall not be any waiver regarding any of these terms unless Find My Rizq Ltd agree it in writing.

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