How can I attain a job with zero experience, when I need a job to gain experience? - Find My Rizq

Most of us wonder what it practically takes to stand out while looking for a job in difficult times. At one point in time we all had applied for jobs; recruiting graduates, interns or school leavers.

The perfect job comes along which seems almost too good to be true, upon scrolling down the page; discouragingly you find that the role requires 2 years experience .. 3 years experience… 4 years experience… and so forth.. then right before your eyes; all your hopes and dreams of attaining such a job come crashing down.

Regrettably, for all of you brave souls that decide to apply anyway, after being hit with rejection after rejection.. Not only does this deter you from applying for similar roles that have the same requirements of experience, this may even demoralise some of you and reduce your self-confidence of ever getting out of the cycle of gaining experience in order to attain a job.

The reality is, many companies want to employ people who already have performed similar duties in previous roles and already possess the necessary skills, thus saving their company from having to spend money investing in training individuals much.

Which in essence is a fairly valid point, nonetheless each applicant should be judged on his/her own merits.

Ultimately, your rizq (provision) is written, so be rest assured that whatever was meant for you; wouldn’t have missed you and whatever wasn’t meant for you; never would’ve reached you.

We have compiled 3 points that may benefit individuals to land that dream job with “zero” experience:

Ways of increasing your chances to secure a position

Making the most of potential referrals/recommendations 

 If you know someone currently working at a company you desire to work in or where you already applied, reaching out to them or even reaching out to others via LinkedIn would really help boost your chances to securing that role.

Moreover, upon getting into contact with an existing employee of the company you wish to work at; that individual can refer you to a role that interests you, thus recommending you to HR or even a manager.

Taking the initiative

Alternatively, if you don’t know anyone nor feel comfortable reaching out to people you don’t know, hence, it would be intuitive to: follow their company on LinkedIn, keep up to date with their activity. 

Furthermore, you could really work towards impressing a company in future interviews by being well informed and aware about their company, and thus, enrolling in tailored courses related to terms and keywords you find on the company (website or LinkedIn) page, therefore catching their attention with a portfolio of things you created that align with their aims and core values.
As well as applying for volunteering positions and internships that will assist you in gaining experience and a variety of skills i.e.: soft skills and specific skills in your chosen field of work. 

In addition, for those looking to break into a new career i.e.: programming or data science; we highly recommend taking courses to build a foundation and gradually cement your understanding and you may find relevant links below that can assist in this area.

Boosting your resume evaluation

It is very important to look at model cvs for job roles you are interested in pursuing, in addition to updating your cv and making sure that your skills and experience are up-to-date. 

You can invest in services that specialise in helping applicants refine their cv such as cv workshops, online cv analysts or even someone you know who can proof read and improve your cv for you.

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