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You do not need to always apologise

By Ihsan

Urghh… I don’t like this blog but that’s not going to stop me from writing it. The reason why I don’t like this post is that I understand this problem a bit too well actually. You see, in the workplace or office…. also outside of it… I always find myself saying “sorry” for every minor […]

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What’s on your plate this Ramadan?

By Ihsan, Healthy Mindsets

Ramadan Mubarak! Bismillah. It’s here. Alhamdulilah. A month of high status. Last one in the UK summer. Are we ready? What do we do, health-wise? Nutritionally speaking we have to maintain our energy levels so we can get through the long day, 16 hours to be exact. Start the suhoor with a filling breakfast. You […]

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Islam and Sustainability

Islam. Sustainability. Two buzzwords that have circulated mainstream media and grabbed headlines over the last decade or so. The dichotomy is an interesting one. Both involve commitment to a way of life. Both have people on either side of the spectrum of love and hate. So, how do the two words complement each other? Where […]

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How to Write a Great CV

By Job Hunting

How to Write a Great CV It is currently job hunting season for many people, and you may be facing the daunting task of submitting applications after applications. With the increased uncertainty in the job market and the sheer competition for a job, it is important to be the best candidate possible. The very first […]

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What we have learned from COVID-19 so far

We’ve had a turbulent year this year, however, we have had many lessons that we can benefit from, today we are going to discuss three things we have learned from COVID-19 which are namely: Resilience Valuing time and family Self-reflection Resilience COVID-19 has affected us all in different ways, rich, poor, young, old, every country […]

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5 Common Remote Working Mistakes

Millions of us around the world are working remotely right now in a bid to confine the spread of the coronavirus. Remote work under these set conditions will certainly bring its own benefits but also equally its battles. You know the scene. Children are home, distractions are everywhere and the pressure is on as we […]

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